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David Hayes

Townland: Mountain Common

DOB: 04/08/88

Height: 6ft 2 or 3, sure we’ll say 6”3 so

Occupation: Student U...C...C...
Favourite Position:  H        Wing Back           F    Wing Back

Junior Debut (Year and Opposition): v Kilmeen Junior C League 2007

Most memorable GAA Game: v Ilen Rovers U21 Football Championship 2008

Most memorable St. James GAA Moment: Coming back through Ardfield in convoy after beating Ahiohill in the Minor Championship Final and the game itself of course.

Earliest St. James’ GAA Club memory:  My first training for Ardfield in around 2000 and Kearns giving the U12s a slating over loosing Championship the night before. If only I was there for it!!

GAA Player you admire most: Graham Canty

Best player you have played against: Colm O Driscoll

Best player you have played with: Kieran O Donovan, I know he’s a confidence player so hopefully this does him some good.

Honours won: U-16 Football C’ship 2004, Minor Football C’ship 2006, Under 21 Football C’ship 2005 and I’m sure a Parish League is in there somewhere aswell, Also Runners Up in the Christmas Golf Classic 2009 but we thought of ourselves as the real winners because we don’t have to organise it next year.

Greatest Influence on your career: Parents and my late uncle Ger Dineen, he got me playing GAA for the first time with the Rockies. I’ve come a long way since then though.

What you like most about St. James’ GAA club: The team spirit and the development of the clubs facilities and teams over the last few years.

Favourite St. James’ GAA Supporter: They’re all Great

Any other comments you would like to include: I was absolutely gutted not to make the 7’s panel last year, had my gear bag packed and all. One of the lowest points in my GAA career to date. Don’t think I’ve ever really recovered from it since.