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18th October 2011

posted 18 Oct 2011, 02:06 by Unknown user   [ updated 18 Oct 2011, 03:38 by Mark Evans ]
Under-12 Hurling League (play-off, played in Skibbereen)
Caheragh 3-5 St James’ 4-1
The under-12 hurlers of St James’ put in a magnificent effort in the league third-and-fourth-place play-off but could not break down a skilful and resilient Caheragh. Losing by a single point was a bitter pill to swallow, but St James’ can be proud of the way they battled right to the final whistle. Goals from Eoin Lombard, Seán White, Andrew Whelton and Daniel O’Driscoll were answered by three excellent goals by Caheragh, and though Eoin Lombard scored a great point from a free, Caheragh nudged ahead by adding five points to their goal tally.

Despite the result, the players must be congratulated for the way they played. Goalkeeper Gary Lombard made several good saves and initiated numerous attacking moves with long and well-placed puck-outs. Pádraig O’Donovan in defence was highly dependable, very committed and showed himself to be a fine hurler when collecting the ball and sending it upfield. Cristeoir Hayes and Michael White were also rock solid in defence, and their dedication and concentration was to be admired. Conor Hayes completed an outstanding season of football and hurling with another first-class performance. Midfielder Seán White’s hard work and good hurling skills enabled him to control the midfield, while Eoin Lombard once again showed that he is a very reliable free-taker and a fabulous hurler. Lorraine Callanan gave as good as she got, and played very good hurling, as did the ever-active and willing worker Ciarán Whelband. The long solo runs of Daniel O’Driscoll were a delight to watch, and struck fear into the defenders. Meanwhile, Andrew Whelton was always on the move and demonstrated good skill when on the ball. Also never far away from the upfield action was Harry Oates, who had yet another good game for St James’.

The season is over, but the players will continue to work on their skills in anticipation of another good run at under-12 next year, and with the under-14s for those moving up.

Panel: Andrew Whelton 1-0, Lorraine Callanan, Daniel O’Driscoll 1-0, Ciarán Whelband, Seán White 1-0, Michael White, Eoin Lombard 1-1, Conor Hayes, Cristeoir Hayes, Gary Lombard, Padráig O’Donovan